More Late Night Sadness

I hate this hour. The cat is snoring, and the pervasive feeling of loneliness is smothering. This is infinitely worse than how shit with Jeff went down. So much worse. I definitely feel shittier about it, I definitely feel more used, and more disposed, and dismissed. I hope he has insomnia. I hope he never sleeps again. And I hope she finds out really quick like how not dependable he is. What a joke, all that bullshit about how he was able to be alone, and wanted to be alone. You know, I should have know he was fucking around before we moved in together, because he made all sorts of noise then how he wanted space. Whatever. Now he can bang whoever he wants, string anybody else along. Liiiiiiiiaaaaar.

I'm going to sleep, before I start snapping, and have another nervous breakdown.